Our Values

N@tcom Services core values focus on “Bridging the Technology Gap in Digital Economy” by upskilling non-employed youth graduates & non graduates,Government, private Company/Corporate’s Employees through IT- Professional trainings and Certifications. We emphasize accessibility, inclusivity, excellence, support, and empowerment By providing affordable training, personalized learning, mentorship, and career guidance, we ensure every learner can thrive in the IT industry.

N@tcom Services Ltd ensures that there are a strong partnerships with both local and international certification companies and organizations to ensures that trainees receive benefit from the courses provided, maximizing their learning experience and professional development opportunities.

Who We Are

N@tcom Services Ltd, is an IT-Training and Consultancy firm for capacity building & skills development in various areas of Technology. It was established in 2010 with a core mission of “Bridging the Technology Gap in Digital Economy” by assisting Youth-graduates, Government, private Company/Corporate’s Employees to attaining IT-career paths and life goals through globally recognized Industrial certifications and Trainings. We make it easy for public and private Companies to empower the employees and staffs with relevant skills that will boost the Organization’s Development and Productivity.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive IT professional trainings and certifications, offering customized learning pathways, consulting and career guidance. Our programs are cross-disciplinary, ensuring trainees success in the IT industry.

What We Offer

We offer wide variety of hands-on skills across various professional courses. Some of the courses are  Networking, Cybersecurity, Database Management, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Software and Web Development and others. Additionally, we provide Digital Literacy programs, Career Guidance, and Soft Skills development. Moreover, N@tcom Services leverages its consultancy expertise to help businesses leverage technology effectively, optimize their IT infrastructure, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Traning Environment

Our training environment offers affordability,ensuring accessibility for trainees. We prioritize providing cost-effective options, enabling trainees to participate in our programs without financial burden.

Core Professional Certifications Partners

N@tcom provides a range of IT professional certification courses in partnership with different professional firms. Our partnership with CompTIA enables us to deliver CompTIA-related courses to our clients and and assist them get certified. Additionally, we work with institutions such as Oracle, Cisco, EC-Council, Microsoft, Google, and others for their respective certification programs.