Data Management Courses



At N@tcom, we understand that mastering data management skills is essential for organizations to thrive. From cleaning and organizing data to analyzing it for valuable insights, we recognize the pivotal role these skills play in driving business success. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of business intelligence, which involves transforming raw data into actionable information to support strategic decision-making. Moreover, we highlight the significance of data governance practices to ensure data quality, security, and compliance with regulations. Furthermore, we prioritize privacy protection measures to safeguard sensitive information, fostering trust and integrity within organizations. Through our comprehensive training programs, we empower individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in data management.

N@tcom courses designed to equip participants and organizations with the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively manage, analyze, and use data to drive business success.

Some courses are we offer are :

  1. Data Science and Machine Learning: Gain advanced techniques for analyzing data, building predictive models, and extracting insights using machine learning algorithms.
  2. Data Analysis and Visualization: Gain skills in analyzing data using statistical methods and visualizing insights to aid decision-making processes.
  3. Data Cleaning and Preparation: Gain techniques and best practices for cleaning and organizing data to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  4. Business Intelligence: Understand how to leverage data to drive strategic decision-making and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  5. Data Governance: Gain skills about the policies, procedures, and processes that ensure data quality, security, and compliance within an organization.
  6. Data Privacy and Security: Explore methods for protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  7. Database Management: Gain fundamentals skills of database design, implementation, and administration to effectively manage organizational data.
  8. Data Warehousing and Big Data: Gain insights into the design and implementation of data warehouses and big data solutions to handle large volumes of data efficiently.

Some of the professional certifications available are:

  1. CompTIA Data+
  2. DataSys +
  3. Data X
  4. Data Engineering
  5. Data Science
  6. Data Engineering
  7. Business Intelligence
  8. DAMA Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP)1.
  9. Data Governance and Stewardship Professional (DGSP)
  10.  Cloud Data Engineer Professional
  11. IBM Data Warehouse Engineer Professional Certificate and etc

After completing data management courses, you can apply for various job roles in different industries, such as:

  1.  Data Engineer: Responsible to designs and builds data infrastructure for processing and managing data efficiently.
  2.  Data Analyst: Responsible to analyzes data to derive insights and inform decision-making.
  3. Data Scientist: Responsible to apply statistical analysis and machine learning to solve complex business problems with data.
  4. Data Governance Specialist: Responsible to establishes and maintains data policies and standards to ensure data integrity and compliance.
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst: Responsible to Creates reports and visualizations to drive data-driven decision-making in businesses.
  6. Business Analyst: Responsible to identify and analyzes business needs to improve processes and drive organizational change.
  7. Data Architect: Responsible to designs data systems and structures to support business objectives and data management needs.
  8. Data Warehouse Analyst: Responsible to develop and maintains data warehouse solutions for reporting and analytics purposes.
  9. Database Administrator: Responsible to manage and maintains databases to ensure data availability, security, and performance.
  10. Data Quality Manager: Responsible to oversee initiatives to improve and maintain data accuracy, completeness, and consistency.

The expert trainers at N@tcom Services aid in acquiring essential skills necessary to compete in the aforementioned positions, while also providing support to successfully pass professional certification exams.


Our pricing varies based on the selected course and the associated professional certification expenses.